Brian Proffit – VP of Business Development and Smart Cities Infrastructure

While some visionary industry leaders have been pioneers in beginning to build this infrastructure, others have left an unfortunate trail of scorched earth and damaged relationships, leading to the present divide between cities and carriers.

Basic engineering will tell us that the carrying power of a bridge is not the average strength of the pillars, but the strength of the weakest pillar.

Never have the needs of telecommunications infrastructure companies and the cities where they operate been more closely aligned. And yet there are still many bridges to build and barriers to remove before mutually beneficial solutions can be achieved.

Authority: Help the process evolve. Assume the role of educators and innovators.

Aesthetics: Concealment costs, but the cost of uncontrolled expansion is blight. Compromise has to be a bigger factor than profit.

Process & Timing: Be mindful of the evolving nature of siting and permitting, create realistic expectations

Costs: Look for synergies, partner, leverage scale

Fiber & WIFI presents opportunities for P3’s & common element for Smart City Infrastructure

Trust, communication and citizenship are paramount for telecommunications ecosystem to flourish