Adtell Launches New Website

In keeping with the vertical business model, Adtell has launched a fresh website to help explain everything that the company brings to the table. On the site, each vertical is explored and defined, giving customers, employees and potential investors an opportunity to fully understand how Adtell is organized. Uniquely positioned as a company that encompasses every possible facet of the fiber optic industry, Adtell seeks to provide customers a "one-stop-shopping" experience for everything from the distribution of OEM test equipment and supplies to training and certification, field testing and characterization services and much, much more. More than just a player in the fiber optic industry, Adtell has indeed helped shape the way fiber optic professional work for more than fifteen years. In an industry that changes almost daily, Adtell has always met the never-ending challenge, and is poised to remain an industry leader in the years ahead. When you combine great tools with great people, things happen.