Turning Good into Great

GOK-CON-K2 Contractor Go-Kit

PRO Contractor Go-Kit for Splicing and Testing Technicians

Adtell’s vast experience with the telecommunications industry has positioned the company to be on the forefront of innovation. Never satisfied with the status quo, Adtell has partnered with several leading industry-driving OEM manufacturers and commissioned top engineers tasked with improving existing products. Companies such as Precision Rated Optics have recognized this unique opportunity early in the process and have since become an integral part of Adtell innovation.

Adtell is always pushing the limits of what’s possible and raising the bar. Affordable, tablet-driven OTDRs, All-in-One Fusion Splicers and the PRO Go-Kit are just a few examples of what Adtell has brought to the table.

Adtell is firmly committed to improving the tools-of-the-trade, driving the industry forward and optimizing the way telecommunications professionals think and work.

When you combine the best tools with the best people, things happen.