Proper Training is the Key to Success…

You hear it all the time – and it’s true. Education is the key to success. Adtell has partnered with The Fiber School, one of the world’s most recognized, valued and experienced institutions for fiber optic training and certification.

Seasoned Instructors

The Fiber School’s instructors aren’t just teachers, they’re field-experienced technicians and engineers who have seen it all and done it all. They’ve experienced the pitfalls and can teach you how to avoid them.

Hands-On Teaching Style

What sets The Fiber School apart from other certifying bodies is the “hands-on” approach that is used in the classroom. Students don’t just learn from a book. Students roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty using the latest, most advanced industry equipment and techniques. Teaching much more than simply industry “best practices,” students are empowered with real-world examples, tips, tricks and techniques that enable them to excel right out of the gate.


But The Fiber School is also known as the premier certification body in Fiber Optics, as well as many other telecommunications areas including wireless, pro audio and video, fiber optics for wind turbines and much, much more.

Students can choose to take one course at a time, or can choose to become certified as a “Master” or “Professional” and save money by purchasing a “Fast Track” package.

With reputable, top-notch, affordable training from The Fiber School, the future is wide open.

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Here you will find a complete list of all course offered at The Fiber School. Please click on any of them for additional information.

Course ID Course Name
TR-AJSPR Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing
TR-AJEX Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching
TR-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals
TR-TAM OTDR Trace Analysis for Managers
TR-FOB Fiber Optic Basic Theory
TR-CFI Certified Fiber Optic Installer
TR-FTTX FTTx Installer
TR-FTAI Certified Fiber to the Antenna / Tower (FTTA / FTTT) Installer
TR-FWTI Certified Fiber to the Wind Turbine Installer
TR-FTTD Fiber to the Desk Installer
TR-DAS Fiber Optics for Distributed Antenna Systems
TR-OGP Fiber Optics for Petrochem
TR-MIL Fiber Optics for Military
TR-MIN Fiber Optics for Mining
TR-PAV Fiber Optics for Pro Audio/Video
TR-TEL Fiber Optics for Telecommunications
TR-ITS Fiber Optics for Traffic Systems
TR-UTL FIber Optics for Utilities
TR-TSI Fiber Optic Transit Systems Installer
TR-OSP Outside Plant Technician
TR-FOT Fiber Optic Technician
TR-ERC Emergency Restoration Course
TR-MFS Master in Splicing
TR-MFT Master in Testing
TR-MFOT Master Fiber Optic Technician
TR-PFOS Professional Fiber Optic Splicer
TR-PFOT Professional Fiber Optic Tester
TR-POPS Professional Outside Plant Splicer
TR-POPT Professional Outside Plant Tester
TR-FCB Fiber Characterization Basics
TR-FCT Fiber Characterization Training
TR-PWSF Premise Wiring System Fundamentals
TR-PWSI Premise Wiring Systems Installer
TR-PWST Premise Wiring Systems Technician
TR-WNF Wireless Network Fundamentals
TR-WIT Wireless Network Installation & Testing
TR-LTEBT LTE Training – Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training 101
TR-LTENE LTE Training for Non-Engineers
TR-LTEBC LTE Training – LTE (Long Term Evolution) Training Bootcamp
TR-IVS Panasonic i-PRO Installation
TR-IJOS Introduction to the Junos Operating System
TR-JNCIS-ENT Junos Certification BootCamp
TR-SXBOOTCAMP Juniper Networks SRX BootCamp
TR-JRE Junos Routing Essentials
TR-JIR Junos Intermediate Routing
TR-AJER Advanced Juniper Enterprise Routing
TR-JSEC Junos for Security Platforms
TR-AJSEC Advanced Junos Security
TR-CJFV Configuring Juniper Firewall VPNs
TR-JEX JUNOS Enterprise Switching Course (TR-JEX)
TR-FND Certified Fiber Optic Network Design
TR-FBE FiberBase Certified Engineer Training
TR-FBT FiberBase Certified Technician Training
TR-NAME Certified Network Asset Management Engineer Training
TR-NAM Network Asset Management Technician
TR-EBH Ethernet Backhaul Testing Course
TR-GBE Gigabit Ethernet Training
TR-GET 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet Training
TR-MET Metro Ethernet Training
TR-TCP Hands-On TCP/IP Networking Workshop
TR-CONT Certified Optical Network Technician
TR-CONE Certified Optical Network Engineer
TR-ONT Optical Networking Training
TR-STC SONET SDH Training Course
TR-SDH SONET, SDH and DWDM Training Course
TR-DWM DWDM Training – Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
TR-DWA DWDM – Advanced
TR-RFF RF Training | Radio Frequency Training Fundamentals
TR-RFA RF Training – Advanced