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Comprehensive Fiber Solutions

Whether you need fiber optic related products, training, rentals, services or software, Adtell has a solution ready for you.

Why should you Ask Adtell? 

Been there, Done that…

For years businesses have consulted the Adtell Group for advice concerning best business practices relating to their fiber optic projects.  The Adtell Group has been directly involved in fiber optic installations across the globe as well as professional certified training, disaster recovery, product distribution and network & fiber asset management solutions. By harnessing the resources of the Adtell Group and our extensive portfolio of products we have the expertise  to help you complete your fiber projects. Work with a partner that you can rely on, there is no substitute for knowledge.

Adtell can offer a variety of planning and project management services. These include:

  • Project Expediting
    • Idenitfying Inventory and Required Assets
    • Acquring Material and Right of Way
    • Project Reporting
    • Optical Splicing & Testing Equipment Rentals
  • Integration Services – Engineering and Design
  • Project Management
    • Site Survey & Documentation
    • Pre- & Post- Planning
    • Consulting
  • Fiber Network Design
  • Construction Management

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